"Ride into Dakota"
Vacation on an authentic working ranch!

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Handboy Creek Ranch Photo Gallery

Below are some of the memorable thoughts and images of things you will experience at the
Handboy Creek Ranch

Peaceful moments

"Where the pastel painted sky yields to true west and the first cool breeze calmly splashes softly over your face."

Beginning the trail ride

"There may still be one more pheasant yet to cackle. As your trusty horse Rocky is kicking around the bunkhouse."

Roping is not as easy as it looks

"Bout the time Brenda's Biscuits began baking and Buttons bark subsides to the dark. But this is mostly quiet time."

Evening storms create spectacular scenes

"Before you know the vast rural prairie dances with lights, all 7 of them. Some 40 miles away so I've been told. About the time the first few stars appear, when your mind goes blank and you recognize your heartbeat again."

The main ranch house

Tranquil walks on the prairies

"Yes, this is quiet time when sincere silence cannot be broken. When you question reality as you believe it to be. When you question yourself as you are, so you believe."

Excellent guest house accommodations

"During quiet time you are comforted. But this comfort, one we have seemed to forget to remember from only a long time ago."

The guest house sleeps six people

"An uncomfortable peace and quiet. So innocent and pure originally so strange and distant now. But believe it. It's real, all the time, at this time, right after the coyote choir and pastel skies."

Springtime in the meadow

"Amongst native grasses, up on a hill where good things happen for good reason. Awakened for a moment, a night or a season. Listen attentively now, to what you think you hear in the silence that surrounds you. Be proud and pleased in this peace, in this place."

Some of our buddies

"Some where south of your age but west of Trail City just past sunset and right before your future."

At the end of each day, a new day begins to form

"Make sure to stop in here at quiet time. Because maybe, what you may not have heard, is all you should have been listening to, all along." - - Carey Zwahr - Nov. 2001

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